Notice: The LCR System is closed for maintenance. You may contact CUGE for further assistance.

Help & Support

Am I able to view my LCR application form that was submitted last year?

Yes, you can now download/save/print the application forms that were submitted in the last 3 years. If you do not see previously submitted application forms, it means that your company did not submit any LCR application.

In this new system, am I able to edit my application once it has been submitted?

No. However, CUGE may direct a company to make changes to an application if there are missing fields or inadequate information. To avoid such processing delays, please ensure that information is keyed in correctly.

Am I able to save my application as a draft and submit it later when I am ready?

Yes, the new system allows you to save your application and check it thoroughly before submitting.

How do I sort the employees listing under Section D?

Please click on the “Save and Continue” button in order to view the employees names in alphabetical order. You can also search for employees in the Search Box located at the top of the section on the right.

I have many files that I would like to upload in order to support my LCR application, but there are only 4 available fields for uploading files.

We only require 4 different types of documents for accessing your application. For multiple files e.g. 6 months of CPF statements, you can compress and zip the files in a folder before uploading.

Do I still need to send hard copy documents 14 days after submitting my company’s application online?

You no longer need to send us any hard copy documents.

For detailed instructions, please click here to download the user manual for the new LCR online system.

For any other technical questions, please email: